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Who we are

THE  Community, Cultural, Educational and Political Association Casa do Hip Hop de Piracicaba – Casa do Hip Hop  has been developing work aimed at youth and social transformation for 18 years , through cultural, educational, sports and recreational activities for children, teenagers and young people as a priority.


In addition, it also develops actions that serve the community in general. The activities are carried out mainly in the community space, but they also occasionally take place in other places such as Sesc Piracicaba, squares, gymnasium and cultural centers in neighborhoods in the municipality of Piracicaba.

+500  families  attended every month

Our mission

The house's mission is to create a space of belonging for young people from the periphery, through hip hop culture to develop references that strengthen identity and affective bonds through the socio-educational activities offered.

Our Mission


Casa do Hip Hop has been developing actions with young people since 2002.

Currently, an average of 350 young people are served monthly through workshops and educational activities.

The House  promotes the action of 8 collectives , through meetings, discussions and solidarity actions, promoting the engagement of young people and awakening social participation and citizenship.

Since  the beginning of the pandemic 500 families have been attended through solidarity actions.

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