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     Studio  was built 8 years ago by young people from the periphery who had a dream of making music , and having a space for exchange, the  time passed and this space became a reference for young people to express their talent and musical ability.  Today in the studio are carried out many Audiovisual workshops, DJs, battery for children and young people and serves as a space for test strips and alternative group in the city.

     After many years serving the community, it has brought together partners with the same objective, which is to give quality and life to this space, in addition to stimulating musicalization in these  young people who for years have been looking for places of reference for young people from the periphery who seek to fulfill their dream of being a musical artist.

To learn more about the studio, contact us by email:

Depois de muitos anos servindo a comunidade aproximou parceiros com o mesmo objetivo que é dar qualidade e vida á este espaço, além de estimular musicalização nestes  jovens que há ano vem buscando lugares de referência para os jovens da periferia que busca realizar seu sonho de ser um artista musical.

Para saber mais sobre o estúdio, entre em contato pelo e-mail:

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