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Community garden

  The vegetable garden is a space that resists for the benefits  of the community, promoting  reintegration, revitalization  and providing  quality of life for the neighborhood and  partners.  The space is collective, the terrain  was abandoned and putting the community at risk, the Casa do Hip Hop collective took over this space giving  another sense.


so we have  proud to say that we take a lot of food from this garden. There's that saying "Who sows, reaps" and we've been reaping a lot of good things from this land, lots of healthy foods without poison,  managing to take it to other people in other vulnerable neighborhoods.

This for us is what we call a popular and community revolution. Happy with everything that has been happening, we hope to be able to add more people to be together with us and transforming. 

Horta Viva: culture, production and inclusion !

  4 episodes of a beautiful project carried out by Casa do Hip Hop, Coletivo REC and Cooking 3x3 with the support of SESC Piracicaba!

Learning to grow and prepare your own food and understand agroecological processes are powerful forms of socio-environmental education for the transformation of urban community spaces!

Our vegetable garden is located at Rua Jaçanã Altair Pereira Guerrini, 200 , Community of Paulicéia. Every Saturday, from 7:30 am to 12 pm , joint efforts take place, come be part, come and add to this construction, in this search for dignity, for us and for ours!!

Our Mission

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