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Who we are

The Coletivo de Juventude Negra do Município de Piracicaba – SP (PRUNEGRO) , was born in December 2015, which is the extension of black movements and entities as a continuation of the criticism regarding the conflicts and tensions of racial relations in Brazil .


It arises from the need for organization, articulation and training of political leaders of black youth in Piracicaba , in a movement to deal with racial issues, evidencing this not veiled racism, which is the legacy of a slaveholding past that is propagated in social, cultural, political relations. , economic and racial that reflect on the entire black Brazilian population, in the form of violence and inequalities. The training proposal is combined with monthly meetings to discuss important issues that affect the black population , visit historical sites, participate in lectures, congress forums and get involved with political issues.

"Promote social transformation, thinking about a more just society model."

Our Mission

To know more

To learn more and/or participate in the Collective, contact us via email or social media:

Instagram: @prunegro
Facebook:  click here

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